Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Different Faces, Different Places

I have noticed an interesting trend in my day to day life here. When walking with my classmates (e.g. to the Chemistry room) I often end up in front. I don't try to do this, but somehow all my attempts to stride along safely in the middle of the pack are thwarted and I am seemingly unconciously thrust out in front. Now, I don't mind leading - some might say I enjoy it really - but there is one big problem about my leading the way in these situations.

I have no idea where I'm going.

But it's alright. I have learned the skill of walking so slowly I'm almost stopped until one of the students near me takes the lead.

In other news, I have now eaten Durian. My parents lied to me when they said it was gross. I think the infamous smell is actually very pleasant, though the squishy texture takes some getting used to but I look forward to eating it again.

The food here is still incredible. The other night I had this curry-esque dish made with Chiang Mai sausage. It was a creamy, spicy ambrosia of love. Maybe my Por will teach me how to make it... :)

And again on the subject of food, on Sunday a group of us (Nicha, Mai Thai, Aya and I) went to Nicha's house. While there, we learned how to make traditional Thai sweets/desserts. One was rainbow candy, made with layers of coconut milk and coloured gelatin. The other type was hot coconut milk with either bananas or pumpkin. I prefer the one with the bananas. But I have recipes so maybe I can treat you all when I get home.

Today I will teach you some Thai. Meuan means "the same" or "similar". Gan is used to say "each other" and lae is used for "and". Putting mai in front of a word or phrase makes it negative. Thus Bprated Thai (Thailand) lae Canada mai meuan gan ka. Te chan chob Bprated Thai mak mak ka.

Got it? Kidding. For those of you who don't speak Thai, I said - or tried to say - Thailand and Canada are not the same. But I love Thailand a lot.

Next week will be interesting. I don't have school because it is Semester 1 exams, and then the entirety of October is a between-semesters break.

In Canada this would be a SUPER YAY!

Here, it's more what am I gonna do?

And maybe if I'm lucky, some of my Thai friends will invite me to hang out with them.

Also, I have some Rotary events lined up for this month. October 6th to 9th is RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, for those of you who do not speak fluent Rotarian). All the exchange students in my district will be there and I hope to meet some cool Thais as well.

Then from October 18th to 25th.I have... wait for it... CENTRAL TRIP. It is going to be LEGENDARY! We're going ton Bangkok and other places, and I very well might just post my itinerary up in next weeks post (too lazy to do it now).

A quick side not, if you are not on Facebook and thus do not get the joy of seeing all my lovely photos, you can e-mail me at or

But back to the story telling. It seems as though every week some new, interesting thing is going on at my school. This week, it's been presentations about the different parts of Thailand. So on Wednesday, us White Chicks ambled over at lunch and watched some extremely sweet and innocent Thai girls dancing to music filled with, uh... suggestive... noises. And by suggestive I mean à la restaurant scene in "When Harry Met Sally". It's times like that, or when I see girls with Playboy brand purses and other such paraphenalia, that I wonder if they really get what it all means. :/

So that's what's new in my life - not very much, I know. My life is in essence pretty average. Why are people reading this anyways? Jk, I love you all.

Until Next Time


And yes Becky, I did steal the title of this post from a Between the Trees post. :) Thought of you.


  1. Wow, Joc! The Thai language is yours! You are so impressive, my dear.

    (And, yes, I know you will say, "I haven't got everything yet..." and of course that's true. But it sounds like you're now well above the level of blue/red car. So rejoice. You're amazing!)

    Central trip sounds absolutely incredible! You must be psyched. Please post your itenerary up at some point in the future! We must live vicariously through you! (Except the only person who can really do that is my father. Get it? VICARously?!)

    .... you love me.

    Well, be good, don't shock those poor unknowingly-corrupted Thai girls too much, and continue to be incredible! It's what you do best! :)

    I miss you and I love you and it sounds like Thailand is where you're supposed to be right now. We both know you're in such good hands.



  2. Hey,
    Your going to be in Bangkok soon?!
    I'm like an hour away from Bangkok. I would love to meet up with you

    also your blog is fantabulous. You actually talk about important things. I talk about fish balls
    keep up the writing!!!