Monday, August 2, 2010

Korean Stewardesses Know Where It's At!

Seriously, they are well dressed. They are sporting cream coloured pencil skirts, shiny aqua shirts (literally, shiny) and great shoes. And they have those awesome little stewardess scarves.

Anyhoo, I am sitting here, in Vancouver, waiting for the party to start!

That's right, almost time to board that plane!


So far, I have been hit (or leched, depending on how generous you're feeling) on by a security guard, partied with some Japanese people and discovered my Disney Princess Huggies Wipes are scented.

Essentially, I'm having a great time. I should probs go. we're gonna board soon but Thanks for Reading!

Post a comment about how YOU feel about ridiculously small pizzas, or sanitation challenged Pizza Huts, or insanely ADORABLE Korean 2 year olds, like the one that just sat down beside me.

I love you all,

Jocelyn (AKA Woman Soon to be in Thailand)


  1. Ridiculously small pizzas equal cheapo losers.

    Sanitation-challenged Pizza Huts equal extreme concern and avoidance.

    Insanely ADORABLE Korean two-year-olds equals strange biological needs to procreate with an ethnic person.

    And Woman Soon to be in Thailand equals love!!!



  2. Ridiculously small pizzas are fantastic as long as they come in packs of 24 with a side of mozza sticks.

    Sanitation challenged Pizza Huts are probably full of wonderfully interesting people, so long as you touch nothing and avoid eye contact.

    Insanely ADORABLE Korean 2 year olds are fantastic if they know their place.

    Have fun!